Nathan, I just wanted to update you on what's been happening .... it's been a miracle .... it stuck!!!! I don't know how you did it but I think you helped me dissipate all that negative energy I was storing inside myself with self-blame, past-regret, and all kinds of comparison/competition nonsense. I am a completely different person now ... I almost feel like I got reborn. Not only did all my bad habits mostly go away, I now do 30 minutes of meditation every morning, have been doing Fasting, and I just ... feel amazing. In the beginning, I was so afraid it wouldn't stick but I've realized that I'm in control of switching myself to the right path. And whenever I am ON the RIGHT PATH (love, compassion, non-outcome attachment), I feel all kinds of power in me. And all that "self" stuff doesn't matter any more ... I finally realized that life is about more than just me, and more about God and our collective. Thank you so much, Nathan. I think you've helped me in more ways that I even know and you realize. I am going to go spread Jesus's gospel everywhere now.
Terry B.
Highly Recommend
I am so glad I called Fredericksburg Hypnosis. My experience has been life changing. After my first session with Nathan Gist, I no longer experience any physical addiction to sugar. My cravings are just gone. I have found a joy for life and a contentment within myself that I have never experienced. Nathan is very knowledgeable and compassionate person and he will explain how the process works and will make sure you are totally comfortable and he will give you the tools for success. Be open to the process and it will change your life for the better.
Regan S.
My experience has been life changing
I saw Nathan to help with a fear of flying and I really think he did the trick. A few weeks ago when I would even think about getting on a flight I would get sick to my stomach and start sweating. Now I don't feel nervous about it at all! He even showed me sown techniques that will help in case the fear ever sneaks up on me again. Nathan is so compassionate and welcoming which is why I think it was so easy to open up to him. -
Bianca T.
Helped with my fear of flying!
I decided to try hypnosis after meeting Nathan Gist at a meeting. I had been really struggling with my weight (addiction to soda & fast food among other things) and under A LOT of stress. I truly was an emotional mess. Nathan made me feel completely at ease about the process by getting to know me better and understanding my goals. He is an amazing person who truly cares about his clients. I can't begin to tell you how these sessions impacted me. He totally broke me of my food addictions and I ended up losing 12 pounds during our sessions and it continued afterwards. As for the stress, this is going to sound totally corny, but when I left my sessions with him I felt so good about myself I felt like I could fly! He really helped me get past the issues that were weighing me down and gave me a freedom I had only known through one other method before. If you are having any hesitations about seeing him please don't, this experience truly changed my life and I am confident it can do the same for you.
This experience truly changed my life...
I went into hypnosis to get a handle on my eating habits and to lose weight. Thus far, the hypnosis has helped me greatly. I have lost a little over 10 pounds which is not a fast loss but I was not looking for a "quick cure". It has made me stop and think about my eating habits instead of just following the rules. It has also helped me focus on my goals and made me feel like I am "worthy" of doing this for myself. I am finding a calming effect from the hypnosis as well which is a great plus for my lifestyle.
Sharon S.
I am very pleased with the results
Nathan Gist is a great hypnotist, and helped me with issues I had in my life. I just moved here from Utah, and I cannot recommend anyone else higher. I saw him last about a month ago, and see him again tomorrow. It is so awesome to feel the freedom of being released of the emotional trauma we bind ourselves with. He's great at helping us let all that go. Go to Fredericksburg Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Stop Smoking or any other issues you might have, you'll be sold too.
Mark K.
Cannot recommend anyone else higher
Only two words can do Nathan at Fredericksburg Hypnosis justice... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! He takes sincere interest in the client and customizes the session to their specific needs. He provides material for in between sessions to help you continue on your journey to a better you. He has definitely gained a returning and referring client in me.
Elli S.
Absolutely Amazing
Fredericksburg Hypnosis has changed my life, I had been struggling with my weight for years. One day Nathan asked me if I would be willing to try hypnosis, at first I'm like I don't know about that but I've try alot of other thing and I said why not. It was the best thing I ever done. In just two session I had lose over 10 pounds and as of now I'm down 20 pounds. Thanks so much Nathan
Happy A.
I had been struggling with my weight for years
Thought you would like to know, my son was all stressed out last night about the SOL testing so before bed I put the MP3 on his MP3 player and played it while he was going to sleep. This afternoon he was studying and I asked him how he felt about the test tomorrow and he said "Mom I think that dude on the recording last night is onto something cause when the teacher was talking about the SOLs today I didn't wanna throw up and I slept better too!"
Zack H.
Test Anxiety
Nathan was an enthusiastic and energetic! He was able to address my concerns in a way that has continued beyond the term of our sessions and become a part of my thought process on a daily basis. Thank you for helping me move toward my goals!
Confidence Level
I saw Nathan for a session on procrastination. Nathan is both approachable and extremely professional. His understanding of my issue was very comforting. The true test was whether a session with Nathan could help or not, and I am happy to say yes, it did help! Since that session, I have been able to secure additional contracts, get debt resolved, and complete a number of projects all in record time!
Orlando T.
Highly recommended! I’ve had sessions with Nathan regarding work anxieties; feelings of being overwhelmed, and test taking (I am a health care professional in a very progressive hospital). I was also able to have a “phone session” on a particularity taxing day, and it changed everything!
Highly recommended!
I never thought of hypnosis as an option to what I have been going through with trying to lose weight for years… my life has been changed, not only am I 10 pounds down, but with a better frame of mind.
H. A.
Hypnosis is an option!
Had an amazing experience working with them to overcome my sugar addiction. I was stunned by how instantaneous the changes were even after just one session. My cravings are gone, my binges are gone, and I'm now making fantastic progress toward my weight loss goals. I finally feel free! Well worth it.
Instantaneous Changes!
I met with Nathan at Fredericksburg Hypnosis to quit smoking. This is the 5th. time I have quit after smoking for 25 years. I did hypnosis this time and the quit was much easier. I would say it is 80%-85% easier than quitting cold turkey. Cravings were much less frequent and much less intense. The fear and anxiety of quitting was almost gone and I had the self confidence to continue quitting and become a non smoker. The cost was reasonable considering the money saved from not smoking, it will pay for itself in 4-5 months. If you are ready to quit and just need a little help, hypnosis could work for you.
...80%-85% easier than quitting cold turkey...
All my life was trying to learn how to hypnosis, until I went in meet ups groups and met Nathan. Who was very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable, relax and answer all my questions patiently. After meet up I felt so relax and calm much better than before. He gave me so much knowledge about the hypnosis that was very helpful to me, which I am going to use for a long time to come. Thanks a lot Nathan.
Ben M.
Answered all my questions
This was my first experience with hypnosis, I was struggling with anxiety in public speaking, not getting very much sleep and had tried many different things, sleeping aids, holistic remedies and was recommended for a sleep study. I heard about Nathan and thought I'd try and see if it would help. After one session (3 months ago), I have been sleeping through the night. After 2 more sessions I'm able to focus more clearly (was finally able to finish my first ebook!) and my anxiety and stress level has gone way down. I'm now able to grow my coaching business at a much faster rate, and I feel much more confident. Nathan is extremely professional, has high integrity and a strong desire to help people be at their best.
Finally sleeping through the night!
Fredericksburg Hypnosis has changed my life; I had been struggling with my weight for years. One day Nathan asked me if I would be willing to try hypnosis, at first I'm like I don't know about that but I've try a lot of other things and I said why not. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. In just two sessions I had lose over 10 pounds and as of now I'm down 20 pounds. Thanks so much Nathan!
Life Changing!
Excellent session today. Thank you so much.
M. B.
Wow! What a difference!! That tremendous boulder has been cast off!! My whole attitude is so much better. I don’t feel like doom is everywhere. I feel so much peace! Awesome!!! THANK YOU!!
Wow! What a difference!!
I wanted to share a ‘win' with you. I am still getting great sleep and it has completely changed my day. I’m more focused and productive and I’m procrastinating much less.
More focused and productive
Things have been really good over the past two days. Life just seems easier. I have not had a cigarette! Yea! I have some cravings but they are not as many as I expected and not very intense, I can easily push them aside and move onto something else. Water is good, crisp, clean water.... The biggest thing I have noticed is that I can breathe through my nose again. I can smell again, and I am getting lots of fresh air. I am feeling good. Have a good weekend, looking forward to Wednesday.
I have not had a cigarette! Yea!
“My son was in shock when we went to kings dominion Sunday when I didn't make us take smoke breaks every time was passed a smoking area; actually didn't smoke the whole time we were there…I'm also tasting foods better. Found out last night I don't really hate spaghetti I just hate tobacco flavored spaghetti.”
My son was in shock...