hypnosis and anxiety

Squash Test Anxiety With Hypnosis

Has this ever happened to you? You have a big exam coming up. You spend hours studying, cramming all of the must-know information into your brain. The day of the exam, you feel confident that you will ace the test. You sit in your seat, cool and calm, pencil in hand, but when you look down at the exam paper laying before you, you suddenly freeze and can't remember anything. It's literally like som...
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Anxiety: can hypnosis provide relief?

Agitated. Overwhelmed. Panicked. If you suffer from anxiety, you probably know these feelings all to well. It's natural for us to experience anxiety from time to time; life is stressful after all with plenty of ups and downs. For many, however, anxiety can persist for long periods of times, creating a loss of energy, increase or decrease in appetite, and loss of sleep. In turn, this can lead to an...
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