Non-Drug Migraine Relief

6 Benefits of Boosting Your Self Confidence

When it comes to confidence, some seem to have it all, while others, well … don't. Confidence plays a significant role in many areas, linking directly to the success we make in our careers, relationships and endeavors. While confidence may seem like something you are, or are not, born with, this is far from true; in actuality, confidence can very much be developed and achieved at all different sta...
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Ditching the Migraine without Medications

According to the Migraine Research Foundations, 38 million people including men, women, and children suffer from migraines in the United States(1). Migraines are very different than even your worst headache; they can often be described as throbbing, pulsing or stabbing pain that is localized to one part of your head. Not only are migraines painful they come with a nasty list of other unconformab...
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