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Fredericksburg VA Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy | Hypnotist Nathan Gist

There comes a point in life when we all say "enough is enough"!  A moment when you know a change has to be made, and that things can't keep going like this...  For some, it's about wanting to start something like a creating a business, public speaking, or even being more outgoing.  For others, it may be about quitting something that has been a burden long enough like smoking, being overweight, or suffering with stress or anxiety.  The good news is that we can help!


You are more than capable of creating change in your life, however, sometimes you need a place to start, or at least you need to know the tools that can help you through.  At Fredericksburg Hypnosis we specialize in equipping you with the best hypnotic techniques, training, and tools to make that desired change possible. 

At Fredericksburg Hypnosis, we offer a wide variety of services to help those looking to make a change. We see clients daily for issues, such as: limiting stresssleeping better, relieving pain,  improving confidence, overcoming fears and even losing weight and quitting smoking. In just a few sessions you'll be better equipped to handle life's many challenges in order to live the life you desire.

"Expectations are exceeded!  I first went to an information session just out of curiosity of how it could be practically applied.  I then got a sample of what it really is (not like on TV) and how powerful it is to focus and change behaviors.  Hypnotherapy has walked me through understanding behaviors I have developed and how to change them to my benefit. It’s much more focused on change and techniques to keep it going."  ~David H.

So make the call now, and take back control of your life!  Call 540-222-1715

As a member in good standing with the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to the betterment of the Fredericksburg Community that we are so proud to serve. Find out how Fredericksburg Hypnosis is helping to change lives on our client testimonials page!

"Hypnotherapy and Nathan helped me gain control over a lifelong addiction to sugar.  With hypnosis I no longer have a physical reaction to sugar.  I am in control!  I have a choice to make every day whether I eat healthy or not."  ~Regan 

"Nathan is a master of his craft and a wise professional. I have always been a skeptic; my session with Nathan was informative, motivational, and introspective. I highly recommend trying this if you are looking to change your outlook on any challenge in life."  -Robert Wyatt

We also serve clients from:

King George
Aquia Harbor
Locust Grove
and all of the surrounding Central Virginia areas.

Call 540-222-1715 Today for a Free Confidential Phone Consultation.

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